Crepes for breakfast

So I know I’ve confessed to not knowing what to make for breakfast.

And I’m still working on it.

But the other day I made crepes for Jordan for breakfast, and I even surprise myself by enjoying it.

Crepes with strawberries and freshly whipped cream. The recipe is a Julia Child’s recipe.

After you put the ingredients together and blend them, you getting pan and heat it really hot, almost to smoking.

You brush the pan with oil…

…(a silicone brush is best otherwise the bristles on the others will melt, also keeping a small puddle of oil on a plate is the best way I’ve done it so far)…

…then put the batter in the pan…

…roll the pan to coat it with batter…

….and pour out the excess.

You cook the first side for approximately a minute or so…

…and then flip it over to cook for about another 30 seconds.

The second side will only be a little bit spotted Brown.

You take the crepe and set it aside, covering it up or setting it to where it will stay a bit warm. Oil your pan again and repeat the process until you have used up all of your batter.

The crepes can be used immediately, and they also will refrigerate well, to be warmed up for use later.

In the mean time, my coffee got finished up before the batter was all used. Sad, lonely, empty cup of coffee…

I sliced some strawberries to go with the crepes

To make the whipped cream, I just put cold heavy cream into my mixer with a bit of powdered sugar and a little bit of vanilla.

I turned the mixer on high and kept an eye on it until it got to medium Peaks.

You can go to stiff peaks, but you have to watch it very carefully to make sure it does not get over beaten.

I then put the whipped cream in the middle of a crepe…

and then roll it up. I did that with 5 Crepes and put them all on a plate, added sliced strawberries, sprinkled powdered sugar on top, added a dollop of whipped cream, and for the Final Touch added a strawberry that had been sliced and fanned out.

After seeing the finished product, Lydia wanted something very similar done with a pancake that I had reheated for her.

My attempt at being creative. ?

One Step that I did not follow *surprise, surprise* with the directions was that I did not let the batter sit for 2 hours. I used it right away and it still seem to do fine.

Oh wait, I did not sift the flour before using it which potentially might have made the Crepes a little bit thicker, but that was fine because Jordan enjoyed it that the Crepes were a little bit thicker.

So two steps that I didn’t follow. That won’t surprise my mom. ?

Or Jordan, for that matter.

Apparently I have a reputation for not following directions. ?

I have used this recipe before and it is definitely a recipe that I will be using a bit more frequently. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. If you have never tried making crepes, set aside a morning and make a batch of them. You might be just as pleasantly surprised as I was as to how easy they were.



Does anyone else struggle with breakfast?

I know I do. I struggle with creativity, I dislike too much repetition, and I feel like I don’t necessarily know from one minute to the next whether I’ll want a sweet breakfast or a savory breakfast.

Well the other day, we happened to stop at a well known fast food place (that I won’t name) and I really enjoyed my breakfast there. So much so that I decided to recreate it at home. So here we go. Martha’s McMuffins. (Okay fine, it was McDonald’s. Don’t judge. Lol)

You will need:

  • English muffins
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Mayonnaise (optional)
  • Cheese (I like sharp cheddar)
  • Maple syrup (optional)

Open your English muffins, put a bit of butter on either side, and place them face down on the pan to toast.

Crack some eggs into a bowl, add milk, salt and pepper and whisk. I was making three sandwiches (not all for me) I poured three whisked eggs into the pan, and after it firmed up, I divided the partially cooked eggs into three parts (one part is already removed)…

And then fold the mostly cooked eggs into a shape that will sit well on an English muffin…

…and then add the cheese on top.

Spread your English muffins with the mayonnaise, and then add your cheese covered eggs.

Now…I had something at McDonald’s that I really enjoyed. It was an Egg McGriddle, and it had a touch of sweetness to it that I was surprised that I enjoyed. Later I found out that it was made with pancakes and NOT English muffins, but I made do. ?

I added…

(Note how I conveniently moved the bottle in the way of the clock so that you couldn’t see what time we were finally having breakfast. ?)

I cooked my English muffins after the other muffins and the eggs so that they weren’t affected by the sweet.

And there you have it! You can add sausage, bacon, (of which I had neither), ham, or any other protein that tickles your fancy.

Now to find a new breakfast, as I don’t want this to become too overused!


Just an ordinary breakfast

Well, okay, not really. We don’t ordinarily (see what I did there?) have whipped cream at breakfast. But Jordan loves berries and cream, and I had heavy cream on hand, so we had a nice treat.

We also had some really nice Honeycrisp apples in the fridge (my favorite apple in my favorite way—cold!) So those got put in a rarely used bowl. I’m trying to use my serving dishes more, especially my nice ones.

Oh sausages! I love sausages!

And some tiny blueberries the girls found. We can’t eat them generally until we have gotten a photo of them.

Here’s to a great breakfast!


I’m sorry about the delay…

Currently in my life (and Jordan’s and Lydia’s)…or rather NOT in our lives is a regular internet connection. 😀 Thus, I have fallen behind in my posting. As you might have noticed, there have been posts that have been appearing…way later than you thought. YOu aren’t missing posts, I”m just posting them today, dating them from when I anticipated having had them up and readable. So…dear readers, as I get the new ones posted, I shall let you know what dates that I have just posted. And if I seem distracted, it’s because I’m at the library, and the librarians aren’t following the hush hush rules. 😀

now featuring: June

NOTE: I cannot seem to upload pictures correctly to the blog, so those of you who are trying to see the photographs, I am trying to resolve the issue, but I think I shall need my in-home IT guy to take a look at it perhaps over the weekend. Standing by…there will be no new posts until the issue is resolved!

Grandma and Grandpa Peterson’s 60th Anniversary

Congratulations to Grandma and Grandpa Peterson who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. It was all very nice as they had family from Washington state come in and help with setting up and just to visit with everyone. Glen and Julie were very instrumental in helping get everything ready. The meal was catered by the Petersons (with the help of the Wallaces, Aunt Jana Strokhorb, Grandpa Peterson’s brother and his family that came, Sis Tina Steinke and a few others), so of course it was fabulous. Aunt Jana located a divine pasta recipe online “Extra Crusty Baked Rigatoni with Beef Ragù”. I am going to put the recipe into my own personal collection. No one could quite manage to keep their fingers out of the pasta when they were mixing it all together in a big bowl before layering it into the chafing pans.The appetizers consisted of Kalamata Olives, goat cheese, crackers, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and I’m sure a few other things, only I can’t recall it all. The main meal consisted of a delicious Salad, grilled zucchini, the italian sausage pasta, Caprese salad (layering tomato & Mozzarella cheese with basil & olive oil), white or rustic style sourdough bread from Beyond Bread with Garlic butter, and Prime Rib served by none other than the eldest Peterson son Arne Peterson.

There were some very distinguished guests who came, such as Sister Mary Norman, Brother and Sister Green, Brother Steven and Sister Rebekah Smith. We were very delighted with all who came and who celebrate with us…the Steinkes, the Yarboroughs, and many other families. It was a very enjoyable evening, including some songs (MC was Uncle Russell Wallace), slide shows, stories by people, Coffee, and gourmet cheesecake with a raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, and tiramisu dusted with chocolate shavings. The desserts were absolutely beautiful, and very delicious!

After the festivities had ended, Serenity (who was playing babysitter and keeping Lydia quite entertained) had found a tiny rocking chair that had been Grandpa Peterson’s when he was quite small, and while everyone was busy re-arranging the replaced furniture, cleaning up the kitchen, and removing the projector screen, she was keeping Lydia busy by sitting her in the rocker and rocking her back and forth. It was so cute, and so Aunt Elisabeth and I both snapped pictures of it.





















When they brought the piano back in, Serenity sat down at the piano with Lydia and was letting Lydia bang away while she played.





















It was quite cute, and as up until that time, Lydia hadn’t really shown too much interest in the piano. She probably wasn’t ready for all of the noise that it made. Now she quite enjoys noise. I just hope Lydia enjoys music as much as Jordan and I do.

After getting home late, it was good to sleep in the next morning (I think we got home somewhere around midnight or so.) We enjoyed ourselves, and all of the leftovers (though I’ve yet to know who truly ended up with the rest of that cheesecake! Wow…good thing I snagged the recipe! :D) Happy 60th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Peterson!



So one of my more recent ventures has been making hispanic food, namely Churros.

I’ve done Chimichangas, chili Rellanos, and I’ve attempted Mexican rice, and now I felt it was time to finish up the experience by making  hispanic dessert. As I had to use a lot of oil to be able to fry the chimichangas and rellanos, I decided to make whatever else needed to be fried so that I wouldn’t waste the oil. Even though making the churros wasn’t hard, it was truly a new experience. I think that the next time that I make them, I need to add more flour, as the dough turned out more like a batter than a paste.










Meanwhile, while I was finishing up making the churros, Jordan was in the bedroom with Lydia, holding her up on the bed helping her to learn balance. They were having a great time, but as I had a pan of hot oil with frying churros, I didn’t want to leave it for too long, as that is how the fire in the place in front of us got started…someone was on the phone while frying stuff for dinner. They walked away into the other room after removing the food from the oil but forgetting to turn the stove off. It is just a miracle that he is still alive. Another minute or two and he might not have been able to get out of the door.

Anyhow…we thoroughly enjoyed the churros with cinnamon and honey (though later Jordan added sugar. :p)

Until next time!

Cheese and Crackers

So, Jordan, Julie Huigens and I had a cheese, cracker and fruit dinner. It was quite good, and she was inspiring when it came time to really make things nice. We cleared the table, and set out the white table cloth, the deep red napkins, and I pulled out some crystal glasses that I bought to go with our wedding china. The sun was setting, so it was glittering in the cut crystal. Clear, cut crystal is one of my favorite things, especially with sun sparking through.

 Julie and I had gone shopping at Trader Joe’s earlier in the day, and we picked up 5 different cheeses to try. (One really nice thing about Trader Joe’s is they have a really nice cheese section, and generally it is cut into smaller pieces, so you can get a small amount of a cheese to try, not having to worry about a huge piece to finish off.)

We picked up a Wisconsin white hard cheddar (aged 24 mo),

a Blueberry and Vanilla Chevre (goat cheese, reminded me of a cream cheese),

a savory Mozzarella (braided of course :D),

Monterey Pepperjack cheese (it was the favorite of the evening), and Julie’s all time favorite: Brie. We toasted the brie, and while Julie was worried that it might stink to us, Jordan was perking up because it was smelling like butter. Silly. :p You could add butter to a piece of paper, and he’d probably enjoy it. 😛

We got the Trader Joe’s cracker variety, but as Julie has the box, I really couldn’t tell you what all the crackers were, except MY favorite (with the cheddar cheese) was the jalapeno crackers.

We went to Food City (our beloved Mexican grocery…if anyone out East comes to visit, you can almost be assured a trip to Food City, where half of the advertisements are in Spanish, except after 8pm and on weekends where they are 90% in Spanish.) We picked up some grapes, oranges, cucumbers, watermelon, green beans, pears, strawberries, and probably a few other things, but I can’t remember as Julie bought most of it, and she was taking most of it home. 😀 We were really giving the guy at the checkout a test on his memory, as he had to look a few of the produce items up. Julie teased me that I pushed the line when I joked about the guy now having to work on his math with me. (I bought $.12 worth of oranges…which was 3 oranges.)

So, when we were putting it all together, I suddenly got inspired with the orange, and cut it in half zig-zagged, and then got further inspired by the pears because the way that I had cut them they looked like wings, so I ended up making a fruit bird with the orange and pear, and it actually turned out pretty decent! I was suprised. I was able to get a few pictures of the table (and fruit) before it was all devoured. The only thing I didn’t get a picture of was the brie, as it was in the toaster oven melting when I was taking pictures. 🙂

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, talking about the positive things in life, as we feasted on crackers, cheese and fruit (inspired by a recent meal that Julie had while she was in Michigan on a business trip.) Thank you Julie! We enjoyed ourselves! 🙂 Next time…I think we’re going to try fondue! (once again, Julie inspired. :p)



These are a few of my favorite things…

A few of my favorite Pictures from May…

A watermelon Rose that I had cut out…

Lydia kicking her socks off on the way to church…


Looking like she’s kissing her firefly toy. She really likes that bug. 😀

Mommy and Lydia all snuggled up together on a bright Saturday morning.

“I simply remember my favorite things…and then I feel so glad!” (edited and revised 😀 )


Mother’s Day

Here are some pictures that Sis Jennifer Alderson took of Jordan, Lydia and I on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to both my moms. 🙂


Dinner in Catalina

Last night, all of the Peterson kids (minus Jordan, he was working), Lydia and I headed up to Catalina to Grandma and Grandpa Peterson’s house to see Brian MacDonald (SP?). Let me see if I can explain the family ties…Jordan’s Dad is cousin to Brian’s wife. Simple enough? It was neat to see a professional chef in a home setting. We all enjoyed his culinary expertise and stories. I was quite thrilled to find out that he had attended the Culinary Institute of America. We had a lovely evening up in the Catalina Mountains, with a very wonderful dinner, thanks to Aunt Becky, Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, and Brian.

Brian cooking at the stove.

Sauteed Zucchinni.

Beautiful color!

Grace assembling a taco.

Austin denying the disappearance of the other taco. (just kidding 😀 )

Chloe caught in the act of snitchin. (sorry it’s sideways…gotta figure out how to change it seeing as how we don’t have photoshop!)

Hadassah, Lydia and Lilliana relaxing.

Lydia the Arabian Princess. 😀

Until the next blog!


Life is grand!