So one of my more recent ventures has been making hispanic food, namely Churros.

I’ve done Chimichangas, chili Rellanos, and I’ve attempted Mexican rice, and now I felt it was time to finish up the experience by makingĀ  hispanic dessert. As I had to use a lot of oil to be able to fry the chimichangas and rellanos, I decided to make whatever else needed to be fried so that I wouldn’t waste the oil. Even though making the churros wasn’t hard, it was truly a new experience. I think that the next time that I make them, I need to add more flour, as the dough turned out more like a batter than a paste.










Meanwhile, while I was finishing up making the churros, Jordan was in the bedroom with Lydia, holding her up on the bed helping her to learn balance. They were having a great time, but as I had a pan of hot oil with frying churros, I didn’t want to leave it for too long, as that is how the fire in the place in front of us got started…someone was on the phone while frying stuff for dinner. They walked away into the other room after removing the food from the oil but forgetting to turn the stove off. It is just a miracle that he is still alive. Another minute or two and he might not have been able to get out of the door.

Anyhow…we thoroughly enjoyed the churros with cinnamon and honey (though later Jordan added sugar. :p)

Until next time!

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