I’m sorry about the delay…

Currently in my life (and Jordan’s and Lydia’s)…or rather NOT in our lives is a regular internet connection. 😀 Thus, I have fallen behind in my posting. As you might have noticed, there have been posts that have been appearing…way later than you thought. YOu aren’t missing posts, I”m just posting them today, dating them from when I anticipated having had them up and readable. So…dear readers, as I get the new ones posted, I shall let you know what dates that I have just posted. And if I seem distracted, it’s because I’m at the library, and the librarians aren’t following the hush hush rules. 😀

now featuring: June

NOTE: I cannot seem to upload pictures correctly to the blog, so those of you who are trying to see the photographs, I am trying to resolve the issue, but I think I shall need my in-home IT guy to take a look at it perhaps over the weekend. Standing by…there will be no new posts until the issue is resolved!

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