Honeymoon Day 2 – February 22, 2010

Monday, February 22nd

The next morning, we had a late breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and orange juice out on the screened-in deck, just sitting back, enjoying the morning, and all of the random people coming out and either mowing, blowing the clippings, spraying off the different boats, and just watching the giant forklifts as they carried the various boats to and from the water. I didn’t think that they made forklifts that large!

Later, after cleaning up the dishes and straightening up a bit, (and after I had washed and brushed the curls out of my hair!) we headed over to Palm Island. We took our ferry pass, and drove over, and they had a ferry that was just waiting to go over! Perfect timing! We drove up onto the small ferry (Which holds about 4-6 vehicles) and then watched as it finished loading up, and looked around like little kids as the ferry slowly pulled out of the dock, and turned around to head into the other dock. The total drive was about 7-10 minutes, but it didn’t feel like that long. We had a talkative ferry-master, and he was very nice and told us how to get to Palm Island Resorts main office. After backing off the ferry, we turned around and followed one of the other vehicles to where we were supposed to go.

I’ll have to admit, the only other place that I’ve seen such nice beachside homes were in Amelia Island, the northernmost island in Florida. We were just in awe of the homes, as each one that we passed just seemed to be more beautiful, and more unique than the last!

We parked at the main entrance, (as they don’t allow any motor vehicles other than golf carts in the resort) and proceeded to walk into the main resort. Almost immediately, there was a path off to the beach, which we decided to take. It was only a short walk to the beach, (about 200 feet). The wind was blowing, and you could see the mist from the water blowing onto the island. Jordan was in awe of the ocean, until I reminded him that it was the Gulf of Mexico, in which he stated that because he was from the desert, all large bodies of water are the ocean! 😀

After walking around for a while, admiring the various beautiful homes, we decided that we were going to step inside the little island resort store to warm from the blowing ocean wind. The store was a little cozy store, somewhat dark inside with a small variety of inflatable water toys, and miscellaneous whatnots. The young woman who greeted us seemed a little bored with being there all by herself, and after Jordan asking a few questions, she seemed glad for the company and started chatting. A minute or so later, a young man walked in behind the counter where she was making our hot chocolate, and soon Jordan, I, the young woman and the young man were in a conversation.

After we were warmed, we went back outside, and headed upstairs to the restaurant on the upper level of the building to find out about their sunset tour via boat. It was amusing, because the little cafe sent us upstairs to the restaurant to get more information about the sunset tour. We went upstairs to the restaurant, and they gave us a little more information, but told us that we really needed to go to the main office to get more information. So we went to the main office to get that “more information” only to have the front office people roll their eyes because the restaurant sent another couple them to get information that they really didn’t have. I was amused at how much people didn’t have information.

Of course,  when the lady had asked us if we knew where the front office was, and Jordan told her where it was, I was exceptionally proud of Jordan when she said “You are the first person to tell ME where it is!”

After getting back from the Island, dinner was quickly determined, and taco salad was underway! We sat at the glass-topped dining table, eating our taco salad and enjoying the breeze, the setting sun, and the beautiful boats ever so gently moving in the tide.

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