Honeymoon Day 1 – February 21st 2010

Sunday, February 21st

The next day we checked out, and started our trip to Harbortown. On our way through Boca Raton, we stopped to eat Jordan’s favorite cuisine for lunch: All-you-can-eat Buffet! 😀 Afterwards we headed down to Publix where we did some grocery shopping. I have always enjoyed grocery shopping with Jordan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this trip! Our mid-sized cooler filled up fairly quickly with food for the week.

We then moseyed our way to Harbortown. We found Palm Island Resorts, but as it was Sunday, the rental place wasn’t open, so Jordan went and asked at one of the nearby restaurants where he should go, and they told them that they usually left the packets with information and keys available for when people would come in when the office was closed. We went back over and Jordan quickly located the packet.

When we got in, we discovered that the dining area had two sliding doors that opened up onto a screened in porch which overlooked one side of the marina. Very shortly, all of the windows and those doors were opened, and we had a beautiful cool breeze lazing through the house. We very quickly got settled in, but as we had such a large lunch around 2ish, we decided we weren’t very hungry for dinner, so we just enjoyed the evening, and watching the people below us as they moved about their boats.

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