Wedding Day – February 20th 2010

Saturday, February 20th

The first night we left the reception hall (after many people threatened to kick us out :p) and, made our way to Punta Gorda to Four Points by Sheriton, just outside of Port Charlotte. Jordan checked in and went and got a luggage cart, and loaded it up, and then took me and the luggage cart inside the lobby, which was fairly empty except for the front desk receptionist, and about 3 people at the bar they had inside. I felt fairly self conscious as I was still wearing my wedding gown (though I had already taken off my veil), and I felt  even more self conscious when the  people at the bar started waving. (I guess it was their way of congratulating.)

Our room was beautiful, decorated with a nautical theme, with blues, whites and greens. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more spacious, well decorated bathroom in a hotel. It was very simply done, with an open counter under the sink, with the [typical white hotel] towels rolled up in baskets under the sink.  The door was very interesting, as it was a sliding door, with a round window up near the top. 

There were two window seats on either side of the huge picture window, with several white and blue or white and green pillows. I didn’t get to enjoy the view until the next morning, where I could see out into the port, and see the water from our hotel room. As we didn’t have batteries for the camera just yet, I didn’t get to take a picture of the room.

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