So Friday, I went shopping with Lydia and Lilliana (As I have done shopping by myself, but it is easier and makes for a happier baby when there is an assistant.) We went to Food City, Arizona’s Mexican grocery chain, and a really good place to get inexpensive produce. Sunflower (Also another stop on the grocery trip) does give them a run for their money on some items, but other than that, you can hardly compete with them. It is usually very flavorful food as well (some of the best cantaloupes that I have ever eaten!) Lilliana and I were walking around in the produce, picking out some mangos and avocados, and I decided to go look at the lettuce. As I was headed towards where it was, I saw a man reach up to pull a produce bag off the roll that they had above the produce. He pulled down, and he must have pulled so quickly that he let go on the bottom because suddenly the bag sprang out of his hand and went rolling back up, winding itself back onto the roll of bags. He was startled, just looking at it, and I started laughing out loud. He heard me, and turned around and started laughing himself. He said “Did you see that?!” I laughed and said “Yes!” He said “I almost thought it was a Venetian blind there for a moment!” He ended up getting his bag off, and I had a humorous moment to brighten the day. 😀

It was later that day, I was whirling about the kitchen trying to get things done so that I could start on  making a Chocolate Mint dessert as well as boiling a dozen eggs for the Baby Meet and Greet the next day. We had 5 out of the 7 couples from the Bradley class getting together at Richard and Rebekah’s (SP?) home (they also were one of the couples). We were going to finally get to see all of the babies! Hadassah was over and we were talking about something, and it was a fast paced conversation, and I knew I was keeping her from doing something, and I was trying to do something, and so at one point in the conversation, I turned to Lydia who was in her swing, and said “Lydia, tell mommy to stop talking and to move!” Clear as a bell, Lydia said “MO!” Hadassah and I burst out laughing, amazed that Lydia would say something at such a random time. I doubt that she actually knew what she was doing, but who knows…maybe she did! Regardless, it was amazing!

The dessert ended up turning out fairly well, though Jordan made the comment that the filling tasted like toothpaste. He likes mint stuff, but next time I’m going to use Peppermint extract instead of just Mint extract, as that has both Peppermint and Spearmint. I like peppermint over spearmint. The recipe was like a rich, gooey brownie with a mint filling and a chocolate topping. Really good! Then I made deviled eggs, one of my favorites (and Jordan’s). I picked out Lydia’s outfit, and then matched me and Jordan to her. He didn’t realize it until we were walking out the door to go to their house. I was tickled. 😀

When we got there, we were the first people to arrive, and we weren’t sure if it was the right address, but right after we pulled up, two of the other couples pulled up. We all got out and started admiring each other’s babies, while secretly proud of our own. Rebekah (SP?) opened the door, and we got to see her baby. They were all SOOO Cute!







he oldest, Jackson, was born on in the beginning of December.







The next two, Nickoli and Charlotte, shared a birthday of December 22.







Lincoln was January 24. 







The last was Lydia on January 28. All of us sat around and swapped stories of how our births went, and the various quirks of our babies. Swaddling, tummy time, nursing and labor were just parts of the conversation. We talked over lunch, and before everyone went home, they arranged the babies in a circle and took pictures over head.














Five random different couples, tied together through our offspring. We may never see each other again, but I’m quite sure we’ll never forget each other! Thank you, Richard, Rebekah(SP?) and Jackson for such a wonderful time!

Next edition coming up soon!


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