New pictures of Lydia

Lydia has been “Social smiling”. She has the most beautiful dimples ever! 🙂 I didn’t think being a mother was going to be so rewarding (as well as this much work!!) It is a challenge at times, but even cherries have pits, strawberries have hulls, apples have seeds, and watermelon…wait…you can get seedless watermelons now! 😀

I’m working on getting a few of the photos from our honeymoon up on Picasa…so as soon as I do, I will post the link (or a slideshow) of them for you to see.

Here are new photos of Lydia. A few of them are older, but some I just took this morning. Some are a little blurry, but I had to upload them anyways! 🙂 Some very special photos that are in there are ones of her being held by Brother Paul Cain. I will treasure those photos. I hope you enjoy all of the photos, as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them. Sorry…this is the only link that I Have for the moment…

Also…new developments in the kitchen. I’ve been working on trying a few new recipes. A few years ago my Mom gave me a cookbook put together by the Yingst family up in Ohio for the matriarch of the family, Sister Viola Yingst. It was a very well done cookbook, and just last night I tried the recipe “Chicken Tetrazzini II”, except I used ham instead of chicken, so it was Ham Tetrazzini. It turned out good, and Jordan seemed to enjoy it thoroughly! Also, a couple weeks ago I made English Muffins from scratch…homemade whole wheat with honey! They turned out really well as well (gonna keep the recipe!), especially when scrambling an egg, melting cheese on top, and putting it all together. I called it my Egg and cheese McMartha, in honor of my dad. 😀 (He likes to call me McMartha.) Anyone who wants to try making English Muffins, let me know and I’ll share the recipe with you! Just leave a comment with your email address. They are pretty good!

Well…back to the laundry (TONS), dishes, and Thank you’s. 🙂 Until Next time…


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