Honeymoon Day 8 – February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 28th

That morning, we had to decide where we were going to go to church, as the night before we had tossed around the ideas of going to two different churches. We finally decided on Bro Peary Greens former church, now pastored by Brother Jack Bell. As typical on a vacation, we arrived late. We definately knew it was the right church, as they had the pyramid on their church sign out front. I was feeling a little conspicuous as I wasn’t dressed up, but…oh well! We had to ring the doorbell to get in (a deacon let us in), and instead of marching us into a pew, he led us to the overflow room, and we didn’t really disturb anyone.

Afterwards in the Ladies bathroom, some of the sisters were asking me who I was, and as I had never introduced myself as “Martha Peterson” before, it felt like I was introducing myself with a fake name! It definately was strange! Sister Debbie Maxwell took me under her wing and was introducing me around to all the girls and such. Afterwards, the Maxwell family took us out to eat at a Tex-Mex restaurant (I STILL can’t figure out the difference between Tex-Mex and the other varieties of Mexican foods), and afterwards we went to their house. Apparently the Maxwells knew Jordan’s family from years before…even before Jordan was born. Sister Debbie had a sign in her kitchen that amused me. It read “I kiss better than I cook”! Needless to say, I got a big kick out of it! 😀

Shortly after we got there, we ended up going back out again, and viewing the sights of the city, where Bro Peary Green’s old church was, and various places where Brother Branham had been in the city. We got to the see the hotels in the story of the hotels where Brother Branham had asked Brother Green for a new hotel room because someone had committed adultery the night before in the room that they had given him. It was really neat.

After a bit more fellowship, we made our way to San Antonio, which was our halfway point, and were we had decided to spend 2 days instead of 1, for a little extra rest, and because Jordan liked the area. We figured it would be a good area to do a little activities. So…later that evening we pulled into the San Antonio area, booked a hotel room (Via Priceline) and went to our hotel which was right on the Riverwalk!

Now…I’ll admit, I’ve been to some nice hotels, and this one was a 3.5-4 star hotel, so it was pretty nice, and I’ve seen bellhops before, but these bellhops were just making me nervous! Seeing as how we were on a budget (aka being as cheap as possible), we were going to bring our own luggage in, parking in self park to save a few dollars. So, Jordan parks at one of the entrances, and goes to check in, leaving me in the car with the laptop as I was blogging. There were two bellhops stalking the front entrance. Note to self: Don’t make eye contact. One very enterprising one came up to the window (which was rolled up, it was a little chilly), and asked if I needed the luggage brought it, and I had to explain that Jordan was in checking in, and we would be bringing our own luggage in. Talk about making people uncomfortable! Those Superior looks makes you almost want to have them bring your luggage in! I was glad to see Jordan! But we still had to walk past them pulling our luggage in! EEK! :-/

As it was late, we didn’t get to see too much until the next morning. We were quite tired, as Texas is huge!

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